Manchester Centre App

Whether you have lived in Manchester your whole life, or you have just moved in, having a Manchester shopping centre app that will navigate you through the best Manchester centres is a must-have. We created MallWay so Manchester natives and tourists can shop smarter, save time and reduce the frustration caused by searching for brands and shops inside large shopping centres.

Handy Shopping Assistant

If you ever visited large shopping centres such as the Trafford or Arndale Shopping Centre, you know how gigantic these malls are. You can waste tons of energy and time going through shops that don’t interest you while walking in circles and feeling lost. Now during a global pandemic, it’s best to quickly shop the items you exactly need, instead of endlessly going from store to store (the risk of getting infected indoor is significantly higher). Here is where MallWay can be of extreme help as your mall navigation shopping assistant.

Mall Navigation Done Right

Our Manchester Centre App offers simple, yet handy mall navigation through Manchester shopping centres. We designed it with intuitive UI and a variety of handy features that save you time and help you plan your visits to the best Manchester malls.
Once you select a certain shopping centre you will have the map of each floor. The map is zoomable and searchable. Meaning you can browse through it, or you can search for a certain shop or brand name that interests you, so you can exactly know where to go.

Get Directions to Specific Shops

When using our Manchester malls app you can also get directions within the shopping centre. Let’s say you are near a certain shop that sells shoes only, and you want to go to a shop that sells t-shirts. Simply enter the name of the shop and the Manchester mall navigation app will guide you to the specific shop thus saving you significant time and effort. The same goes for when you want to eat or go to a toilet, the app can navigate you to the food court area or the toilets are with ease.
Before your next shopping nightmare, download MallWay and analyze, plan and navigate the largest shopping centres in Manchester with ease for free & without any ads!


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    Completely free

    With no ads as well. How good is that?

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    Centre Maps

    Find you way around centres wherever you are. No more looking for information points!

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    Fast Routing

    Find fastest way to get from one place to another.

We are growing!

We are adding more and more centres.
Currently, we cover:

  • Over 100 Shops
  • 2 Centres
  • 1 City